We are young entrepreneurs with solid experience as barbers, always on the lookout for new male trends.


Many years ago, our parents chose to leave their homeland in order to improve their lives and gave us a the opportunity of a better life.


 Our project took shape from the beginning of our adolescence, and it is with a contagious passion that we embark on the adventure. We grew up in Verdun and now aspire to transforme our hometown step by step and making it a better place for the following generations.


We value the environment, the support of local businesses and the Community. It is extremely important for us to have our partners & values be alligned.


We are certified as a sustainable barbershop by Green Circle and have implemented several small changes.


We now use:


- organic, local and bulk shampoos and styling products from Wise;


- organic, local and loose megan products from Chez Robin;


- Groom organic and local beard products;


- fair trade, local and organic coffee from Brulerie Balance in Verdun, with vegetable milk option;


- Maison Sivo whiskey which comes from Quebec soil and which is ecological;


- a pitcher of water instead of bottles of water;


- uniforms cut by Suitablee, a tailor-made tailor in Montreal;


- a biocomponent hair composting and transformation system in partnership with Green Circle;