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Barber Classes at Beardlington


Our barber training contains a practical and theoretical component and is aimed at all those who want to stand out and become real master barbers.

Everyone is welcome: from those who have never cut a hair in their life to those who want to improve their technique.



The student will master the necessary skills to learn to cut with scissors, the art of the gradient with the clipper, the techniques to shave and trim a beard in a traditional way as well as tips and tricks to build and keep a stable clientele.


The theoretical aspect takes place in groups of 6 to 8 people and is practiced individually according to the student's schedule. This personalized and progressive course aims to be adjustable according to the student’s learning speed. The primary objective is to prepare the student for the job market, ensuring that the techniques are practiced with ease and confidence.


Possibility of job offer at Beardlington.


30 heures de théorie 

50 heures de pratique




*Selon la vitesse de l'apprentissage 


8 am-10am: Saturday and Sunday


6 hours of private practice (flexible schedule to be determined according to availability)


Complete Training : 2500$ 

Barber Kit : 350-600 $


English (optional) 



Ivan Daniel Manabo

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For registration, send us your request by email address to

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